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DARcorporation (Design, Analysis and Research Corporation) is an aeronautical engineering firm, located in Lawrence Kansas, that has been offering aeronautical engineering consulting services, software and books since 1991.

DARcorporation works closely with several FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER's) whose specialties include Mechanical Equipment Major Alteration/Major Repair, Structural Major Alteration/Major Repair, Mechanical Systems and Equipment, Structures, Flammability, etc.

DARcorporation engineers and associates speak many international languages including Dutch, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Korean.


Our projects include single and multi-engine propeller and jet powered aircraft, Business Jets, Very Light Jets (VLJ), Kit, LSA and Experimental Category aircraft, VTOL combat force insertion vehicles, VTOL aircraft, UAV's for civil and military applications and hybrid air/ground vehicles.

Experience in the design, detailed analysis and building of prototypes gives DARcorporation a unique advantage over other companies, since we can go from initial design all the way through full size prototype manufacturing. The unique tools we developed for design and analysis make DARcorporation the best choice for any new or existing aeronautical project. DARcorporation engineers can advise on what the best materials are for your design and what the best configuration is. We will work with you to design and optimize your aircraft for performance, manufacturability and cost.

DARcorporation Client Relationship Statement (pdf)

Key Personnel:

President: Dr. Willem A.J. Anemaat
Vice President: MaryJo Anemaat
Project Advisor: Dr. Jan Roskam


Chief Engineer: Dr. Wanbo Liu
Senior Aerospace Engineer: Max Yang
Senior Aerospace Engineer: Shalom Johnson
Aerospace Engineer: Brandon Basgall
Aerospace Engineer: Jordan Ashley