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Software Licensing

DARcorporation uses WIBU-Systems WIBU-KEY copy protection for the APP licensing. The WIBU-KEY concept consists of a WIBU-BOX and the WIBU software. The WIBU-BOX or WIBU-Key refers to the USB dongle that contains the software license. Our software needs the license to be present so that it will run. The WIBU software (or drivers) refers to the WIBU program that must be installed so that the computer can recognize WIBU-BOXes.

FLOATING LICENSE: Software is accessible from multiple computers, but limited to the number of licenses purchased. The WIBU-Key does not need to be attached to the local computer where APP is started. All computers running APP must be able to access the license server.

NODE LOCKED LICENSE (using Floating License as Node Locked License): Follow installation instructions for floating license except that the WIBU-Key must be attached to the local computer where APP is started. Software then can be used on the computer the software is installed on.

System Requirements

  • An Intel or compatible CPU
  • OS: Windows (64 bit) 7 and up
  • Minimum RAM: 64 MB of extended memory to run APP 6 smoothly
  • Minimum Free Hard Disk Space: 20 MB

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Software Installation

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