SharkCAD Pro-AP

With SharkCAD Pro-AP (formerly Shark FX-AP) at your fingertips, professional 3D models can be created accurately and easily, at a fraction of the cost of comparable premiere CAD programs. The robust 3D modeling capabilities include Mesh Modeling, Solid Modeling and Surface Modeling, which allow you to easily render airplane prototypes and anything else that requires high-end visuals. SharkCAD Pro-AP is perfect for engineers, drafters, artists, scientists and hobbyists looking to turn a concept into reality.

SharkCAD Pro-AP combines AeroPack with SharkCAD Pro v10. AeroPack is a collection of unique drawing tools created specifically for airplane design. Tools such as Create Airfoil, Wing Planform and Polyconic Surfaces allow airplane components to be 3D modeled with a matter of clicks. The Import Airplane tool allows users to import geometry from Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) into SharkCAD Pro-AP as a 3D model.

AeroPack Toolbar

SharkCAD Pro-AP + AAA: Bundling SharkCAD Pro-AP with AAA will save you hours on geometry input and allow you to quickly and easily visualize your airplane model in 3 dimensions. Once your geometry is defined you can export your completed airplane from AAA into AeroPack as a 3D model to review or create a high quality graphic.

SharkCAD Pro Features:

  • Powerful Subdivision to NURB editing tools that allow you to combine mesh and traditional solid modeling in one environment
  • Flexible license that allows you to install the program on multiple machines
  • Robust Architectural and Woodworking tools
  • Supports 25 file formats including SAT, IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, VRML, and DXF/DWG
  • Advanced rendering capabilities to examine files and projects before sending them to a printer or fabricator
  • Extensive drawing capabilities like the LogiCursor™ that thinks as you draw precisely guiding your mouse and cursor in both the 2D and 3D space
  • Powerful 2D and 3D editing tools for intuitive workflows (blending, chamfering, shelling, text, dimensions, 3D to 2D drawing generation tools, bill of materials)
  • Native Translators: SolidWorks, NX, ParaSolids, CATIA V5/V6, SolidEdge, and Inventor Import (PC Only)
  • Subdivision to NURB
  • Boolean Edge Treatments
  • Cover, Skin, and Loft with Guides
  • Tangent Cover with Guides
  • Patterns
  • Lofted Solid and Lofted Solid with Guides
  • Rib, Lip
  • Blend Three Faces, Continuous Curvature, Thumbweights
  • Animation Tools

SharkCAD Pro vs SharkCAD

Highlighted features are NOT included in SharkCAD (SharkCAD Pro only)
* Windows Only

2D Drafting & Annotations:

  • 26 Dimension Types
  • Bill of Materials
  • Repair Profile
  • 250+ Drafting Tools

Advanced Drafting

  • Section/Detail/Auxiliary Views
  • Customizable Grids
  • Auto 3D to 2D (Polylines & Precise)
  • GD&T
  • MarkUp and Redline

3D Modeling Tools

  • Push/Pull Modeling
  • Meshing
  • Curves
  • Basic Surfaces
  • Basic Solids
  • Feature Based/History Tree
  • Shelling, Blending, Local Face
  • Working Tools

Advanced 3D Modeling

  • Surface Analysis
  • Deformations
  • Bending Along Curve
  • Offset Surface
  • Surface Lofting
  • Tangent Covers
  • Surface Booleans
  • Draft Surfaces
  • Trim/Join Surface
  • Surface Extend
  • Subdivision
  • Woodworking Joints
  • MicroScribe Digitizer *
  • Skin Surface w/Guides
  • Lofting w/Guides
  • Tangent Cover w/Guides
  • Feature Patterns
  • G2 Edge Blending
  • Rib/Lip Feature

Subdivision Modeling

  • Quad Mesh Construction
  • Subdivide Mesh
  • Add Loop/Bridge
  • Subdivision to NURB


  • RayTracing, Shadows, Transparency
  • Material, Decal Library
  • Environment Maps
  • High Definition Range Images (HDRI)
  • Global Illumination
  • Special Lighting Effects
  • Poster Size File Export, QT VR
  • Sketch Rendering


  • Walk Through, Flyby
  • Panoramic & Object Virtual Reality
  • Object Time Lines/Paths


  • Adobe Illustrator™
  • DXF/DWG R12-2017
  • STL Import/Export
  • Rhino™ 3D Import
  • BMP Import
  • 3D Studio Import/Export
  • SketchUp™ Import/Export
  • OBJ Import/Export
  • 3D PDF Export
  • Pro/E™
  • VDA Import/Export
  • CATIA V4™ Import/Export
  • SolidWorks™ *
  • SolidEdge™ *
  • NX™ *
  • ParaSolids™ *
  • CATIA V5™ Import/Export *
  • Inventor™ *

3D Print Tools

  • 3D Print Check
  • Surface to Normals Check
  • Overhang Analysis
  • Wall Thickness
  • Preview Slices
  • Auto Position
  • Support Structure
  • Show Printer Volume
  • Printer Definitions

Other Features

  • 2D/3D Part Library
  • 64 Bit Architecture
  • Multiple ViewPorts
  • Free Tech Support (Punch)
  • Free 90 Minutes of Online Training (Punch)
  • OpenGL Materials/Textures
  • Externally Referenced Files

3D Design Tools:

  • Associative NURBS-based surface modeling with skins, covers, and nets
  • History Based/Feature Tree for Rapid Iterations
  • Direct face editing for designing independent of history tree
  • Constant and variable radius blending and chamfering
  • Twist, bend, boss, hole, boolean, and shell features
  • Mass properties and interference checking
  • Automatic 3D to 2D drawing generation
  • Rendering and animation
  • 3D Printing tools to verify designs
  • KeyShot live linking support
  • Mesh Modeling
  • Solid Modeling
  • Surface Modeling

New Features:

  • Enhanced usability for 3D modeling (customize, gripper, selections)
  • New tools for makers and DIY creators (3D print tools, mesh subdivision tools, Snap to Solid)
  • More ways to share data (3D PDF, KeyShot Live Linking, SketchUp™ Import/Export, SAB)
  • Improved performance (multithreaded and 64 bit optimizations)
  • Improved visualization (faster 3D displays, transparent sizable cutting planes)
  • Printing tools to prepare and validate designs to be 3D printer ready
  • New and improved Draw Views and Bill of Materials

Legendary designer Burt Rutan designed the SkiGull with Shark + AeroPack

Burt Rutan endorses

"I am using Shark FX with AeroPack (now SharkCAD Pro-AP) as my primary CAD system in developing my first post-retirement aircraft; a two-place, multi-surface (water, snow, grass and runway) aircraft that will have the typical performance of a good land-plane."

-- Burt Rutan, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Scaled Composites

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Shark Tutorial Videos

For new Shark users, there are 18 tutorial videos to show the step-by-step process in using the tools in Shark CAD-Pro. The videos along with detailed PDF explanations make the Shark learning experience very clear and precise. View these tutorials in the embedded YouTube link below.